Hi, I'm Lucy

My story


After many years of leaving my creative dream behind I finally made the leap and started drawing again.

That one drawing started a chain of events that took me to a Saturday illustration course, then on to a master’s degree in illustration, and then to a career as a creative freelancer, author and mentor.

But there was a lot of internal work and struggle before I made the physical leap of picking up that pencil.


Creativity for Health

I realised that not being creative had not only left me feeling unfulfilled, but it had also been affecting my mental health for many years.

Creativity is part of our humanity.

As a species, we began making art soon after as we descended from the trees and began to walk upright and to deny that part of myself was like torture.

The Realisation

It was the realisation of the importance of creativity to all humans; that it can change lives, bring people together and is vital to our health, that led me to start my expert coaching practice.

The journey I had been on, and the difficulties I had with my inner critic, imposter syndrome, burnout and general fear of failure led me to create the Creative Confidence Academy.

The academy gives people tools to work through all of the internal problems, so they can get on with the joy of the doing.




Creative Mentor

Lucy Irving is an artist, author and creative mentor based in the on the Sussex coast in the UK.

Over the last 15 years years, she has worked for 100s of clients, published two books on mindfulness and creativity and created courses and resources to help people to uncover their creative potential.

Her books,  Creative Space Journal and Exercise Your Demons, are published by Ammonite Press and available in all good bookshops.


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