Courses and Books

Creative Inspiration Workbook

The Creative Inspiration Workbook is a curated collection of prompts and exercises designed to fuel your creative journey.

Whether you're an artist, writer, or simply looking to tap into your imaginative side, this workbook is your guide to self-expression and innovation. Unleash your creativity and explore the vast potential within these pages as you embark on a transformative adventure of inspiration.

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The Creative Confidence Mindset Course

Embark on a transformative journey with "Creative Confidence Mindset," an illuminating course that introduces the profound significance of creativity and equips you with the tools to conquer those critical voices that hinder your passion.

Dive into the why behind creativity's paramount importance and unravel strategies to silence the inner doubts that impede your creative pursuits. This course isn't just about theory; it's a practical guide to fostering a resilient mindset that empowers you to create and share fearlessly. Join us in cultivating a Creative Confidence Mindset, where you'll learn to embrace your creative essence with resilience and conviction, unlocking the freedom to express yourself authentically.

Your creative journey starts here – ready to build your creative confidence?

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Your Creative Living Course

Your Creative Living is a course designed to equip you with everything you need to turn your creative skills into a thriving livelihood. 

From crafting and marketing your creative artwork to providing specialised creative services, this module is a roadmap to monetising your passion.

Dive into a wealth of insights, including interviews and resources from seasoned professionals in diverse creative fields – from gallery artists to textile designers. Learn from their experiences and follow in their footsteps as you navigate the dynamic landscape of a creative career. Elevate your creative journey and discover the path to making a living doing what you love.

Are you ready to transform your passion into a sustainable and fulfilling creative lifestyle?

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Mastering Your Creative Cycle Course

Embark on a journey to Mastering Your Creative Cycle, where we delve into the intricacies of your creative process – from the birth of ideas to the satisfying moment of sharing your creations.

Uncover the hurdles at each stage and arm yourself with practical strategies to triumph over them. This course isn't just about productivity; it's a guide to sculpting a balanced, fulfilling creative life.

Join us in decoding the secrets of creativity, so you can not only master your craft but also find that sweet spot between productivity and rejuvenating rest.

Your creative breakthrough awaits.

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Creative Space Journal

The Creative Space Journal is a journal through 100 art projects, offering prompts and projects, sparks and nudges, ideas and inspirations for activities to reflect, enhance or change your mood.

Its pages present beautifully illustrated exercises designed to add some art and mischief to your world, and to make your life more imaginative and inventive. They are surrounded by frames and spaces, lines and bullets, where you can record your adventures. The journal provides a safe place where you can retreat and allow your creativity to flourish.

Organised to reflect your head space - Happy, Sad, Angry, Relaxed, Playful, Bored, Wired or Sleepy - it's the perfect companion to dip in and out of, explore by mood or fill with your creativity from cover to cover. Travel into your creative space, and create a journal that is uniquely yours.

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Exercise Your Demons

Exercise Your Demons: A Mindful Journal offers a devilishly creative solution. It does not demand that you kill your demons, but instead suggests you get to know them. It does not show you how to exorcise your demons, but instead demonstrates how to exercise them: visualising them, understanding them, accepting them, and ultimately perhaps changing them into more manageable creatures that roll over, show you their bellies and purr.

Filled with creative exercises and projects, along with positive meditations and metaphors, this is the most fun guide to tapping into your creativity and bringing mindfulness into your everyday existence.

Personalise it with your own thoughts and stories, lists and scribbles, doodles and drawings, and you will discover how to name and tame those inner demons and put a new spin on your world. 

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Meet Your Mentor

Lucy Irving is an artist, author and creative mentor based on the East Sussex coast in the UK.

Over the last 15 years, she has worked for 100s of clients, published two books on mindfulness and creativity and created courses and resources to help people to uncover their creative potential.

Her books,  Creative Space Journal and Exercise Your Demons, are published by Ammonite Press and available in all good bookshops.