Join us for engaging interviews featuring extraordinary artists, as we uncover the precise blueprint of their remarkable success.

Dive deep into their unique journeys, exploring the pivotal moments that shaped their careers. Moreover, we'll candidly inquire about their ingenious methods for overcoming creative blocks and down periods, which even the most accomplished individuals encounter. Get ready for inspiration and insights that will allow you to follow in their footsteps and embark on your own successful creative journey.

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Episode 7 - Becoming an Art Photographer Matt Henry

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Episode 6 - Becoming Homeware Brand Designer with Jin Designs

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Episode 5 - Becoming an Illustrator and Art Director with Chloe Batchelor

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Episode 4 - Becoming an Animator with Tim Sanpher

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Episode 3 - Becoming a Painter with Becky Blair

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Episode 2 - Becoming a Gallery Artist with Lee Eelus

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Episode 1 - Becoming a Textile / Surface Designer with Michele Payne

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