Workshops for organisations who believe in the power of creativity for growth, innovation and wellbeing

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Creativity for Wellbeing Workshop

In a fast-paced and ever-changing professional landscape, the ability to harness creativity is not only essential for innovation but also crucial for overall wellbeing.

This workshop, "Creativity for Wellbeing," is designed to inspire and empower employees across diverse fields to unlock their creative potential as a means to enhance both professional and personal satisfaction.

Through a series of interactive sessions, participants will explore the intersection of creativity and wellbeing, discovering how nurturing one's creative side can lead to improved mental health, increased job satisfaction, and enhanced problem-solving skills.

Workshop Objectives

Uncover Creative Potential: Understand the fundamental connection between creativity and personal wellbeing. Learn techniques to tap into your inherent creative abilities.

Stress Reduction through Creativity: Explore how engaging in creative activities can act as a powerful stress management tool. Participants will discover how creativity can serve as a mindful and therapeutic practice.

Fostering a Creative Workplace Culture: Learn strategies to promote creativity within your team or organisation. Understand how a creative work environment can lead to higher job satisfaction and increased productivity.

Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills: Discover how creativity enhances cognitive flexibility and problem-solving capabilities. Engage in exercises that apply creative thinking to workplace challenges.

Mindfulness and Creativity: Explore the synergy between mindfulness practices and creative thinking. Learn techniques to stay present, reduce burnout, and enhance overall mental wellbeing.

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Meet Your Mentor

Lucy Irving is an artist, author and creative mentor based in on the East Sussex Coast.

Over the last 15 years, she has worked for 100s of clients, published two books on mindfulness and creativity and created courses, workshops and resources to help people to uncover their creative potential.

Her books,  Creative Space Journal and Exercise Your Demons, are published by Ammonite Press and available in all good bookshops.